Mobile Phlebotomy

Mobile Phlebotomy Service

Making Quality Diagnostic Services Accessible for All

The professional phlebotomist from the lab visits you to collect blood, urine, saliva, DNA, or any other sample for lab test(s). Most diagnostic tests examine blood, urine, stool, or nasal secretions samples. Phlebotomy is a specialized field to practice safe sample collection from patients. For safety and accurate results in diagnostic tests, the labs appoint professional phlebotomists to implement best practices for sample extraction. Home test kits do not offer the same accuracy in lab tests, which makes phlebotomy services necessary to conduct them. The phlebotomist visits the home of the patient or other external site if the patient cannot visit the hospital.

  • Mobile phlebotomy enables patients to have blood draw or sample collection at their own schedule. It prevents long waiting times, queues and waiting rooms for the patients.
  • This is specifically useful for the patients living in assisted living centres with a fixed schedule for medical care, eating, and entertainment.
  • The patient does not have to visit the hospital or lab, so it reduces the need for patient transportation and mobility. This way, it prevents the exposure of the patient to contagious infections and viral pathogens.

Timely diagnostic tests are crucial for prompt treatment and rehabilitation of the patients. These help with the diagnosis of many harmful diseases, including diabetes, cancers, STDs, allergies, autoimmune disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and others. Mobile phlebotomy proves pivotal in improving access to medical diagnostic services.

Experienced and Certified Mobile Phlebotomists

Phlebotomy experts receive specialized education and training. The UCF team has experienced phlebotomists who have the necessary licensing and credentials to practice in this field. UCF makes sure you get the highest quality of care:

  • Wellness and hospitality training of the phlebotomist
  • Friendly and empathetic staff
  • Trained to collect DNA, nasal secretions, blood, saliva, and other vitals
  • Robust performance and behavioural assessments
  • Comprehensive safety training

Mobile Phlebotomy in COVID-19

Mobile phlebotomy is being widely practised to enable more patients to get the COVID-19 tests.

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