Lab Tests/Diagnostic Services In Our Primary Care Units

UCF texas offers a range of diagnostic lab tests, even the rare ones. Lab tests are a critical aspect of primary care and disease treatment, so we make sure to provide the most efficient diagnostic testing options. Not only do you need lab tests as part of routine health examination, they are vital in maintaining an optimum health. They help you in many ways such as:

  • Preventing risk of diseases
  • Disease treatment and monitoring
  • Diagnosis of asymptomatic and chronic diseases
  • Allergies, STDs, Cancer, Autoimmune disorders, bacterial and viral infections’ diagnosis
  • Screening of newborns to reduce the risk of disability
  • Nutrition and dietary planning

Quality testing services – No long waiting times.

UCF aims to improve the quality of healthcare with comprehensive primary care services, well-trained staff, and advanced technologies. Health insurance is not compulsory for having a lab test. We accept cash and all credit/debit cards and also accept personal checks.

COVID-19 Testing & Information

Our lab tests use nasal swabs to diagnose a COVID-19 infection with an RT-PCR test or the rapid antigen test. The antibodies test determines the stage of the COVID-19 infection.

Quality testing services - No long waiting times.

Why choose UCF Texas for lab tests?

Why choose UCF for lab tests?


We provide highly subsidized healthcare costing less than insurance co-payments. Our focus is providing quality healthcare to the underserved and uninsured populations because of which the cost of our services is very affordable.


The priority of UCF is always the quality of care. We aim to mainstream healthcare by collaboration and education so that the under-privileged as well as uninsured have access to the healthcare facilities.

All tests are conducted considering the standard guidelines from the regulatory authorities. The test results are very accurate, confidential, and delivered on time. At UCF experts guide every stage of the lab tests to ensure accurate findings and diagnosis.


We offer weekend appointments and service till late in the evening too. Moreover, our labs are open for COVID-19 testing in view of the pandemic.

Vast Range of Services

UCF provides many lab tests, even the very rare ones.


The risk of side-effects is very low in diagnostic tests.

Lab tests are more accurate than health screens. Health screens are less expensive and provide quicker diagnosis.

Some diseases can be diagnosed with just one lab test. However, other diseases may need multiple lab tests for an accurate diagnosis.

Most lab tests use blood, urine, DNA, or nasal secretions samples.

If you cannot visit the lab, mobile phlebotomy allows you to submit a sample. Our professional phlebotomist visits you to collect a sample for the test.

Test results are conveyed via email and through EMR/EHR too.