Early Health Screening

Health screening helps in the diagnosis of diseases before any of their symptoms appear. By making an early diagnosis, they enable timely and early treatment of diseases. As many diseases are asymptomatic, health screening identifies them in their early stages. The type of health screens and how often you should get them depends on many factors, such as your health, age and strength of the immune system. Health screening identifies your risks for potential infections and diseases.

Health screens are as important as diagnostic tests in disease diagnosis. Many health screens provide quick results and are less costly than lab tests. UCF Texas makes health screens available for all, and no health insurance is needed to avail yourself of this service. Mainstreaming primary care is one of the main objectives of UCF Texas and health screen service is one of the vital aspects of the primary care paradigm, making possible early diagnosis and treatment of the patients.

Many lab tests have a health screen alternative too to enable fast and affordable testing. However, lab tests are more accurate than their health screen alternatives, such as drug tests are more accurate than drug screening.

The most common health screens are for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

Types of Health Screens

Pap Smear

Pap smear process is used in the diagnosis of cervical cancer in women. The process involves extracting cells from the cervix region, which is the narrow part of the uterus, present at the vagina’s top.

Pap smear is generally done along with the pelvic exam. In women above 30 years of age, it is often carried out along with the test for the human papillomavirus (HPV), as this STD can also cause cervical cancer.

Certain factors increase the risk of infection, due to which the healthcare practitioner may suggest you get pap smears more frequently. These factors are as follows:

  • Smoking history
  • HIV infection
  • Pap smear showing precancerous cells, and diagnosis of cervical cancer
  • Weak immune system


Dental Check-up

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood pressure screening tests for high blood pressure or hypertension. Everyone over 40 should get a blood pressure screen once a year.


Regular health screening shows an increase in weight over time. The healthcare practitioner suggests changes in lifestyle to prevent excessive weight gain.

Why Choose UCF Texas?


UCF Texas aims to improve quality as well as access to healthcare for all. The aim of the organization is to elevate the standards of private and public healthcare and improve its awareness. To achieve a high quality and inclusive healthcare, UCF Texas maintains standard labs to implement the test procedures. Moreover, it has extensive staff, contemporary technologies, and other facilities to support quality healthcare treatments.


The cost of healthcare at UCF Texas is less than insurance co-payments. UCF Texas provides high quality healthcare to the uninsured and unprivileged.


We stay open during the weekends and till the late evenings to facilitate emergency cases.